Chloe Kennedy

Inspirations: parisian chic, 1980's punk and new wave, 1930's hollywood, dancewear

My Start:
From 1999-2003 I worked in the Bay Area apparel industry. I input a lot of data into the computer, drew garments using adobe illustrator for hours on end, and went to meetings, and went to longer meetings. It just wasn't how I envisioned my career.

Bored with my job in 2003, I took a class from Shannon Richards at Muse ( She taught us simple handbag patterns, and we made them with whatever fabrics & trims we wanted...and it was actually FUN and very hands on. More like being back in Design school. It was then I decided I wanted to do my own thing in the fashion world & get back to why I got into this business to begin with.

In 2004 I made my first line of ultrasuede bags. They were cute, but I got a mixed response. I've always loved great leather bags & shoes, but all my training has been in working with fabric. So I felt a little hesitant. But in 2005, with the help of a local sewing contractor, I made my first leather bags - and these started selling out at boutiques. A local magazine ran a photo of one of my first designs (see press) and then I knew where I should focus.

My goal is to design for a woman who is young at heart, with more of an indie style. She loves fashion without needing the latest "it" bag. She wants a handag that is stylish, high quality & unique.

About the label:
"Kay" is for my grandmother who was a very stylish & elegant woman back in the 40's through the 70's. She wore hose & heels everyday, even while doing the housework. There is a vintage influence on all my designs, but I mesh that with my own modern perspective & style.

About the leather used:
Genuine cowhide, pigskin, and lambskin are the only leathers used, as they are bi-products of the meat industry. No exotics such as crocodile, ostrich or snake are in use. I'd be interested in offering some vegetable tanned leather bags, if anyone knows of a good source for vegetable tanned leather please contact me.

About the bags:
All feature signature moire taffetta lining, with interior zip, patch & cell phone pockets. Materials for the handbags are leather, lambskin or wool. Many handbags do double duty - such as converting from a clutch to a tote - perfect for the woman who likes to trave