freelance design services:
phone: 415.377.6749


Freelance Design Confidentiality

Generally, before work is begun I will sign your confidentiality agreement and no information will be given to outside parties. Designs are for your use only.

After one year, designs may be used for my online portfolo with your permission.

Privacy Policy - Chloe Kay
All information provided by customers is kept in the strictest confidence.
We do not sell or provide your financial information to any outside parties.

Limit of LiabIlity:

Chloe Kay Design assumes no liability, in the unlikely event of a death or injury
involving it's products.

Mailing List:

New customers are automatically added to our e-mail mailing list.
You may be removed from our mailing list at any time.
Emails are sent out regarding sales and new product offerings.

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